Fellowship of the Smoke (Meet & Greet Party)

One of the most passionate and enjoyable party for tobacco lovers is when a master cigar roller comes to town. Passionate friends flock together to indulge in the atmosphere of freshly rolled cigar smoke and reigniting the flame of camaraderie,……thus, the fellowship of the smoke….!

23rd May, 2014 (Friday)

12.00 pm – 10.00 pm

@The Curve, Mutiara Damansara


Flown in fresh by Davidoff (Bluebell) – Sr Julio Antonio Martinez

Born on October 27th, 1972 in Tamborill, a town in the city of Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Married to Temesis Felipe for the last 15 years and blessed with two children, Mari Angel and Julio Antonio.

Started working at the Tabacos Dominicanos Cigar Factory in 1993 as cigar roller for Avo and Griffin’s. After 6 years of experience and ability, he moved to Davidoff Manufacture to roll the famous Davidoff cigars.

Speaks in the native language, Spanish, he has conducted several training courses for quality control, productivity and human relations.

In 1999, chosen as a specialized cigar roller and ever since, had been travelling worldwide to exhibit the art of rolling cigars.

His passion for fine cigars and the devotion to the profession ensures that each Davidoff cigar is made to the highest quality.


The moment presented by The Embershoppe

Euphoria, sensations, joy, fun, bliss, food, drinks and of course, bargains :-

Option 1 – Buy ONLY fresh-rolled cigars – the normal retail price.

Option 2 – Buy Standard CP pack less 25% + FOC 1 fresh roll (same format)

Option 3 – Buy Box of 12s/14s less 25% + FOC 3 fresh roll (same format)

*the above promotional mechanics are based on management discretion and subjected to availability of stocks.

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