AVO Uvezian – Greatest Hits 2014 LE


A collaboration between Avo Uvezian, the famous composer of Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night,” and Davidoff.  This highly decorated brand has become one of the biggest in America thanks to its relentless consistency and exceptional balance of strength and flavor. Here’s your chance to sample the entire line of limited editions, 14 top-selling AVOs all nestled in a collectible box.

Avo’s Greatest Hits 2001- 2014 is truely a unique and special sampler from the vision of Avo Uvezian. He had a great idea to one day share a full collection of his limited edition cigars with his friends and fans. Avo expressed this vision of his with his master blenders, Henke Kelner and Eladio Diaz. All of the cigars are hand rolled with specially grown and aged tobaccos primarily from the Dominican Republic. To hold true to Avo’s wishes, the master blenders created each cigar identical and precisely to honor each cigar. The cigars range from medium to full body, highly complex, and full of flavors. This is a must-smoke for cigar aficionados as this limited edition set only produced 5,000 of them.The 14-count sampler contains every AVO limited edition since 2001 with the exception of the AVO LE05 and one of the two AVO 22 releases.

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