The Embershoppe

THE EMBERSHOPPE, a conceptual idea emerged from a group of passionate tobacconists who have a total of more than 50 years experience.The visual concept starts to take shape on the designer’s desk in September 2007.

Lots of considerations and hard work were put in from preliminary researches to finding the suitable location.

The designing work of the flagship store went through consistent debates and changes, even during the physical renovation of the shop. It is all worthwhile when peers, friends, suppliers and guests who were exposed to the concept commented positively and were eager for the real thing to be built.

The targeted date for opening, seemingly almost impossible was achieved by sheer determination and cooperation from all parties involved. With a single-mind, the team pushes the concept to become reality. THE EMBERSHOPPE opened for business on 16th December 2007. What was pictured on the drawing board turns up the exact shape or better.

Aligned to its objectives, the shelves were filled with the widest range of tobacco products and accessories from all over the world. Critical information, are made available for most of the products throughout the store for your own digest or freely shared in conversations with our qualified tobacconists.

Purchase decisions were made from heightened senses awakened by the aroma of our freshly brewed coffee and the varieties of tobacco. Guests often walked out pleased with their purchase decision. Many were reluctant to leave as time passes quickly in the comfortable and conducive environment. Almost all of them quoted “I’ll be back!”

It is impossible to describe the many details in words. Feel it to believe it.

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