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Tobacconist Log

10th Anniversary Celebration (Retro)

"We had fun a year ago, will there be fun next year we don’t know, so this year, let’s have fun we go!"

8th Dec 2017, Friday at 6PM - 11PM @ The Embershoppe, The Curve.

By virtue of this invitation, we would like to express our utmost appreciation to you for your continued support and patronage of our business. We are well aware, that it is YOU who are largely responsible for THE EMBERSHOPPE to be where it is today.

To say thank you in a more concrete manner, we would like to invite you to come by and celebrate with us.

Being our ultimate event for the year, we will not only provide your favourite food bar, delicious snacks and drinks but also fantastic gifts and goodies.

Remember all of the pre-arranged and spontaneous events for you to win prizes as well as a chorus of laughter throughout the fun filled evening.

There will be new product launches, special promotional packages and generous sales.

On top of all that, its that moment for you to meet up and have fun with all the friends whom you missed throughout the year for we will be expecting more than 200 friends to turn up.

However, all these can only come true with your physical presence.

We are happy to have served you well in the past and look forward to continuing our services for your needs in future.

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